Business Support Services

We support the development of social enterprises as well as collective commercial activities involving multiple Indigenous communities throughout the Atlantic Region. ​

2003, Ulnooweg staff: late Nora Bernard, Chris Googoo, Sacha Labollois, Louis Joe Bernard and late Wayne Abram

Empowerment has been at the core of UDG's Mission

Ulnooweg’s evolution has been decidedly non-traditional.

Ulnooweg’s mission and focus are important differentiators. Its economic participation mission is in service of Indigenous people, their language, culture, and communities, rather than an economic integration mission in support of assimilation. Our original formal purpose bestowed a broad initial mandate to promote the social and economic welfare of Indigenous individuals and communities, in the following three ways: 

Supporting Employment

Through business and economic activity

Supporting Capacity Development

Through education and research

Ensuring Broad Community Benefit & Participation

Through philanthropic efforts to address access barriers

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We are here to assist you

Ulnooweg can operate as your business development officer in the smooth conduct of your enterprise. Our offices can guide you through start-up procedures such as business plan writing, budget development, financial projections, and risk management; or help established businesses with succession planning or internal audits. 


We are dedicated to meeting the needs and circumstances of Indigenous entrepreneurs (private, corporate, and communal) with a respectful approach to community economic development – one aligned with traditional culture and values.

Essentially, Ulnooweg is here to help you navigate being a business owner. If you find yourself struggling, please contact us for help!