Indigenous Women in Entrepreneurship

Investing and Empowering in Business and Communities

Indigenous Women in Entrepreneurship: Investing and Empowering in Business and Communities is an Interactive and participatory workshop dedicated to supporting Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs throughout Atlantic Canada.

Our workshop for Indigenous women entrepreneurs explores best practices for building strong and resilient businesses, along with the support available to help them achieve their business vision. This workshop is broken down into five modules that cover the following topics:

Module 1: Entrepreneurship: A Promising Pathway
Module 2: Stages of Business Development
Module 3: Effective Business Practices
Module 4: Adaptation and Resilience
Module 5: Support System for Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs

Upcoming Workshops:

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Presented by Nichole Travers, Business Support Officer (Ulnooweg Development Group) 

Nicole Travers was born and raised on the West Coast of Newfoundland in Little Port, she is the youngest daughter of Terry and Ruth and grew up on and in the water as most children do in a traditional fishing family.

Nicole is a member of Qalipu First Nation and has been working in her communities on the island for several years. She spent 20 years away and moved home to ensure that her children were raised with the same sense of community and connection to the land as she had.

Driven to support women and youth achieve their dreams, she brings to Ulnooweg her enthusiasm and years of experience writing grants, financing, and engagement.

An L’nu artist and steward of the land and water, Nicole has been dedicated to learning traditional Mi’kmaw styles of bead work and the influence of the traditional Mi’kmaq double curve, petroglyphs and hieroglyphs is apparent in her work. In recent years, she has begun to tan animal pelts and skins using traditional teachings and utilizes home tanned fish skin in her art.

Nicole has been sharing her skills through workshops and one-on-one teaching sessions for several years and her small business has earned her recognition in the fine arts community.